Biographical Info
Kanji 雪蓮
Classification Human
Alias Lady Setsuren
Ling Mu
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Kouran
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 2
Voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi
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Setsuren (雪蓮), also known as Ling Mu, is the represenative and ruler of Kouran. Many tyrants have dominated the continent of Kouran, but only the 'husbands' of Ling Mu are recorded in history as Emperors. Those not received by the Ling Mu are labeled merely as supreme rulers. It is said that the Ling Mu is an aggregate form of wisdom from all the kings that have ever ruled Kouran.

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She asked Swallow Cratsvalley to not get involved in killing the Red Dragon, because it would be a trouble for her. As a reward for her request, she offered herself to Swallow. She claimed to be an immortal being who is able to maintain her youthful form, something that can't be broken by Swallow's curse. However, Swallow refused as Meryl slapped her in the face.