The Revolutionary Army (革命軍 'Kakumeigun'), is an organization devoted to restoring independence to Nil Kamui and the legitimate royal bloodline to the throne whose heir is Ibuki. Agito Isurugi is the leader of this group. It is the third force viable to take over Nil Kamui and form a government. It is revealed that the Revolutionary Army is actually supporting Inori as the heir to the throne and that Agito was using Ibuki. Fugaku is a notable member of this movement as he seems to be a retainer of Ibuki's father, the previous King of Nil Kamui. Hien is also a notable member who highly respects Ibuki as the Child of the Contract.
Revolutionary Army in Shuka's Revolutionary Army Quater (Anime)

Fugaku, Hien and other members of the Revolutionary Army in Shuka's Revolutionary Army Quarter