Nil Kamui

Map of Nil Kamui

The small island nation of Nil Kamui is the setting for the story of Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki. Currently, it has been split into three seperate governments, Kouran's Government to the West, Donatia's government to the East, and the Revolutionary Army's Government in the Center. The island has a subtropical climate though the landmass is predominately barren plane, thick jungles and dangerous volcanic areas. The people live in the minimal inhabitable spaces, Having one of the Seven Dragons, the Red Dragon, is a focal point of the energy called 'Masuryuu'. Due to the large quantity of this resource, several different types of monsters and strange phenomenon are produced as a byproduct, and therefore became the source of local magic.
Nil Kamui (Nations)

Current Political Map of Nil Kamui