Mashiro Sagura
Mashiro Sagura (Anime)
Biographical Info
Kanji 真シロ・サグラ
Romaji Sugura Mashiro
Classification Returned Ones
Human (Formerly)
Gender Female
Status Deceased (Revived)
Affiliation Nil Kamui
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Nozomi Furuki
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Mashiro Sagura (真シロ・サグラ, Sugura Mashiro), is the shrine maiden of the Child of the Contract.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Mashiro is attentive to others. She is also a soft-spoken person. She even cares to the Bounded One like Eiha.

Plot Edit

She had lived her life in anticipation for the day she could be of use to Ibuki, she is killed by the Red Dragon's power to compel Ibuki's body to fufil the conditions of the contract and offer up a soul. Though before she is stabbed, she states that she is 'happy' that she can be of use to him.

Mashiro was later revived by Inori. However, Ibuki killed Mashiro once again, as the Red Dragon stated that he also accepted the soul of the Returned Ones.