Biographical Info
Kanji 忌ブキ
Romaji Ibuki
Classification Human
Alias Lord Ibuki
Child of the Contract
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Inori (Sister)
Status Alive
Affiliation Nil Kamui
Revolutionary Army
Red Dragon Expeditionary Group (Formerly)
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Marina Inoue
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Ibuki (忌ブキ) is the main protagonist of the series. He is also known as Child of the Contract, who is the designated heir to the Throne of Nil Kamui as acknowledged by it's guardian deity, the Red Dragon. His age is unspecified.

Appearance Edit

Ibuki is a child with white hair and red eyes, and he wears a white hat with a red cloth on his neck.

Personality Edit

Ibuki hates violence and is seen attempting to prevent it in the beginning of the story, but over time he slowly accepts that violence is needed to resolve the problems of Nil Kamui.

Plot Edit

Ibuki escaped from the the battle where his family and kingdom were burnt to the ground by Kouran. He then lived in a orphanage along with Mashiro, Kai, and other children. He proceeded to live there until his friend and a loyal retainer of the previous monarchy, Fugaku, visited him. Fugaku asked if Ibuki wouldn't follow his father's path, which replied by Ibuki that Nil Kamui didn't need a king anymore. Shortly, he went to the marketplace, but they encountered the Kouran army. When Ibuki was cornered by Koukaku. The Rebel Army, which led by Fugaku, ambushed Kouran and started a commotion. Ibuki escaped from them. Later, he found The Dragon Eye. Suddently, The Dragon Eye artifact attached itself to Ibuki and the words of the Red Dragon ring into his mind. Eventually, they were found by Kouretsu, a general from the Kouran Army. Mashiro was mortally damaged by him. The Red Dragon began to communicate with Ibuki again, promising that he would give his power, but Ibuki must form a contract with him. Ibuki agreed but he must sacfirice Mashiro's life. Shortly, Ibuki obtained the power to control and manipulate fire. He used that power to eliminate the Kouran Army.

After the battle, Ibuki slowly started to accept the position of 'King' within Nil Kamui to prevent such a thing from occuring once again and to honour Mashiro's dying wish. He then met Eiha who became his Personal Guardian. Ibuki later joined the Red Dragon Expeditionary Group as the representative of the Revolutionary Army and began his journey.

Abilities Edit

As a Koutoushu, his ability is that of offering up a soul in turn for taking another as is seen when Ibuki unintentionally offers up Mashiro in return to take one of Lady Koukaku's subordinate's life.