Biographical Info
Kanji 緋エン
Romaji Hien
Classification Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Revolutionary Army
Nil Kamui
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 2
Voiced by Takuya Eguchi
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Hien (緋エン) is one of member of the Revolutionary Army, who lost his sister during the Seven-Year War.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He treats Ibuki as one who is higher than him and subsequently attempt to have those around his use honorifics whilst conversing with him. He is very loyal to Ibuki, going as far to sacrifice himself to him. Despite he knows that Ibuki won't kill him.

Plot Edit

Hien sacrifices himself in order to defeat Izun, who was revived and went rampage. He knows that Ibuki wouldn't kill him. As such, he pretends to be a Zombie, and let Ibuki to stab him. However, he dies in a vain due to the effect of the Black Dragon's claw that was set by Swallow Cratsvalley, making Ibuki unable to communicate with the Red Dragon. While Swallow can't tell others about that stuff.