Dragons (竜 'Ryuu')have existed from the beginning of times. According to the oldest of records, they were depicted through the form of painting upon wall during the hunting period which more then 3000 years ago. Seen and counted as gods, they are said to hold powers that could easily destroy a small country. The Dragon that are currently known of are: the Red Dragon, the Black Dragon. Currently, it is believed that there are in total 7 dragons.


The Dragons are large reptiles with huge wings and spikes on their backs, sometimes on their bellies as well. They are the most powerful beings in the series.


The abilities of the Dragons depends on their elements which is marked by their colors (e.g. Red-Fire), they have supreme strength which helps them conquer great territory (an example is when the Red Dragon easily destroyed a Stone Giant with brute force alone), and can make a contract to a human depending of what situations given.

Known DragonsEdit

Red Dragon: The Red Dragon is the titular character of the story, it has the appearance of a large, red dragon. Its neck, shoulder and spikes are covered in flames and has red eyes and menacing teeth, it has a dark crimson-colored underbelly. It is the deity of Nil Kamui, until it went mad and starts to burn everything to ashes. Its notable ability is that he can incinerate anything to ashes as long as it is given a sacrifice.

"To obtain my power, you must give me a life in exchange"- Red Dragon

Black Dragon: The Black Dragon is different compared to the Red Dragon, it appears to be bigger in appearance yet its belly is a bit fatter than the Red Dragon, which is also sprouting black spikes, it has a black mane and is usually surrounded by black lightning, the dragon also has 4 wings, its goal is to have the Red Dragon dead so that he can claim the land as its own, it is the deity of Donatia. Its notable ability is that it can manipulate the shadows and its power grows stronger in night.

"Once The Red Dragon has fallen, everything under his rule will all at once flow into me, as its new ruler"- Black Dragon